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Over 460 safety training videos

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industrial safety training materials
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industrial safety training ppt
construction safety training materials
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construction safety training ppt
electrical safety training materials
electrical safety training powerpoint
electrical safety training ppt

More than 1,100 safety training materials (presentations) in PowerPoint format

For the past two decades or longer, people have asked for access to my safety training materials. We’re pleased to announce they are available online through the Safety Wizard Network for an annual membership price of $199.95, which also allows you to participate in the safety forum activities designed to share our knowledge, safety training tips and techniques.

OSHA & NFPA 70-E Training


LoMastro and his team of associates excel in making their safety training easy to comprehend and fun to attend. We provide OSHA training for both Construction and General Industry, as well as NFPA 70-E training and customized safety training classes.

We focus our safety training classes on the on the “purpose” of the standards. We realize that once students understand why a standard was necessary and why it is written the way it was, it’s easier to learn how to recognize hazards and explore the options to control them.

For General Information, click here.

For OSHA Training, click here.

You have the knowledge and a great presentation. Wouldn't it be ideal to have demo kits to show students the electrical safety concepts LIVE? Bob LoMastro now offers you this possibility:

Water Tank Demo Kit

Run power through the water tank and up to the light bulb for an amazing demo about the conductivity of water (actually the impurities). Learn More.

Power-Line Demo Kit

Bring the snap and sizzle to the classroom with a tabletop Power-Line Demo Kit. Bonus: Jacob’s Ladder Kit. Learn More.

Lockout & Meter Testing Demo Kit

Classroom size electrical lockout demonstration and testing is dramatic & easy with our new kit. Learn More.

Jacob's Ladder Demo Kit

We use the Jacob’s Ladder as a visual (and audio) aid in safety training to discuss topics how current moves, high voltage dangers, arc flash, etc. Learn More.



"The response from participants was overwhelming. You are such a talented speaker and your material is so unique."
M. T., Colorado Safety Association

"Your presentation was a great compliment to our safety theme, there were so many positive comments back, even from our seasoned crew members, far too many to count! Your delivery and the manner in which you related to the group, to include your personal accounts, were superb." 
V.A., Western Area Power Administration

"Bob-You did a terrific job!!!"
K.F., Safety and Health Council of Greater Omaha

electrical safety training course
multimeter testing course
lockout tagout (lo-to) training course
OSHA permit required confined space entry course

If you need to train your personnel about:

  • Basic Electrical Safety
  • Multimeter Testing
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • OSHA Permit Required Confined Space Entry

We offer safety training materials in electronic format (e-learning) that you can utilize in PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. They include: 

  • Detailed technical explanation.
  • Clear photos, graphics and videos
  • Pause, go back or forward,
  • Quizzes to assess understanding of the concepts
  • Narrated by Bob LoMastro and his team with real life examples.

Safety Keynote

safety keynote speaker

Bob LoMastro has lectured, trained and delivered keynote speeches in literally hundreds of occasions and diverse audiences. Bob has been involved in safety training for over 40 years:

  • Former Supervisor of the National Safety Council's Safety Training Institute
  • Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers
  • Member of the World Safety Organization
  • Master in Safety Management and Engineering
  • Degrees in Nursing, Business and Construction Engineering.
  • Demolition expert for the US Special Forces