Keynote Speaker on Electrical Safety

Your conference or event needs a seasoned electrical safety expert to generate expectations, establish the underlying theme and tone, highlight the most important issues and get the discussion started with an entertaining keynote address on electrical safety.

Bob LoMastro has lectured, trained and delivered keynote speeches in literally hundreds of occassions and diverse audiences. He has been keynote speaker on electrical safety at:

  • Speaker at Wisconsin Safety Council
  • Scheduled to appear in Downstate Illinois Occupational Safety and Health Day 2014
  • Presenter at 2013 Wisconsin School Safety Coordinations Association
  • 2012 National Safety Council Congress & Expo
  • 2012 Great Plains Safety & Health Organization Annual Safety Wellness Conference
  • Joint Utility Training School Keynote 2012
  • Speaker at National Agronomic Environmental Health and Safety School 2012
  • 2011 Greater St. Louis Safety and Health Conference
  • 2008 National Safety Council Congress & Expo
  • 2007 Annual Chicagoland Safety & Health Conference
  • 2003 Chicagoland Safety Conference

Example Keynote Speech: "Electrical Myths"

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If you have fond recollections of a science teacher who made a subject come alive and crackle with excitement, then you will surely enjoy this class. Experience the snap and sizzle of electricity dropped right into your lap. Office workers and electricians will learn more about this deadly force we depend on, in a few hours, than they have learned in a lifetime.  Using live demonstrations & actual accident videos, Bob not only cover the pertinent standards but demonstrates why those standards are necessary.

All of this delivered in the light hearted, motivational style Bob is famous for providing.

Example Keynote Address:
"Defining Safety: Roles & Responsibilities"

This is a high motivation session often used to open or close safety seminars. They’ll be talking about for years to come.

There are many reasons why unsafe conditions and work practices exist and, without effective safety communications, accidents continue. It isn’t enough that people “do their best”, first they must know what “their best is”.  In “Defining Safety” you’ll learn to define specific roles in safety for everyone and how to assure accountability. There’s a lot more to it than telling them to “be safe”!  You need a culture where everyone knows “how to be safe” and wants to do it. This program also examines:

  • The true cost of accidents both personal and business losses.
  • Why hazards/accidents are not reported.
  • Attitudes & cultural roadblocks to safe work practices.

Why Bob LoMastro?

Bob has been involved in electrical safety training for over 40 years in a wide range of activities:

  • Demolition expert for the US Special Forces
  • Hospital Corpsman for the US Navy
  • Former Supervisor of the National Safety Council's Safety Training Institute
  • Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers
  • Member of the World Safety Organization
  • Master in Safety Management and Engineering
  • Degrees in Nursing, Business and Construction Engineering.

 keynote speech on safety

keynote speaker on safety

NFPA 70-E: An Electrical Safety Keynote

The rising number of electrical injuries and deaths is staggering. OSHA is increasing their emphasis on safe electrical work practices. Experts in this field agree that the NFPA 70E Standards for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces provides the guidance necessary to reduce electrical accidents.

Bob's electrical safety keynote explores the requirements of OSHA & NFPA 70E in a way only Mr. LoMastro can provide, identifying the electrical hazards and addressing the proper methods to control them. Focusing on the “why’s” of these electrical regulations through stunning and dramatic demonstrations & videos of electrical faults and fires, your audience will undoubtedly grasp the most important aspects in electrical safety contained in this keynote.