Lock Out & Meter Testing Demo Kit

  1. #DK-03
Classroom size electrical lockout demonstration and testing is dramatic & easy with our new kit.


  • Our custom designed control panel allows the instructor to demonstrate
    and test qualified workers by creating a wide range of scenarios.
  • A built in volt meter allows the instructor to see the voltage delivered on each phase.
  • Your students can demonstrate proper electrical testing and lock out procedures in the classroom.
  • Fuses are open to allow multiple simulations through the control panel (located out of the students vision).
  • The VFD allows 120V supply to provide 3 phase output to the supplied motor.

The kit comes with all of the cables and cords -neatly packed in a Pelican case for transportation. Designed for easy set-up and break-down.

Click here to download the PDF brochure.

Important: please contact us to order the kit or to discuss your training needs as we can even customize it for you!