Power-Line Kit

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Need to keep your students interest during electrical safety training?

For those advanced electrical safety instructors who want to bring the snap and sizzle to the classroom, we now offer a shippable tabletop power-line & Jacob’s Ladder demonstration kit.

The demonstration can be set up in one minute and the quick connect banana clips which allows you to switch from the Jacob’s Ladder to the Power-line Demo in an instant.

The Power-line kit contains a 17kv step-up transformer to supply either the Jacob’s Ladder & Power-line simulator.

Primary Voltage: 120V
Secondary Voltage: 17.5KV @ 45 mA

The power-line kit is great for discussing clearance distances & demonstrating the dangers of overhead electrical lines.

With your knowledge (and a pair of properly rated gloves), you could be 1 minute away from providing the most memorable training your staff has ever experienced.

Our kits are built into a Pelikan traveling case for safe shipping.

Click here to download the PDF brochure.

Important: please contact us to order the kit or to discuss your training needs as we can even customize it for you!