Water Tank Demonstration Kit

  1. #DK-01
  • Run power through the water tank and up to the light bulb for an amazing demonstration of the truth about the conductivity of water (actually the impurities). Demonstrate the issues of variation of water’s conductivity or the process of step or gradient potentials.
  • What really happens when an electric motor falls into the water? Demonstrate the function of overcurrent devices and GFCIs with the motor in the water demo and your class will be amazed.
  • The improperly wired receptacles allow the instructor or students to perform testing and create visual examples of typical wiring problems for group discussions about electrical hazard. Use the polarity tester to visually identify and discuss mis-wiring dangers!
  • WOW the class while you demonstrate the difference between overcurrent protection and GFCI (human) protection!

The kit comes packed in a Pelican case for easy transportation.

Click here to download the PDF brochure.

Important: please contact us to order the kit or to discuss your training needs as we can even customize it for you!